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Treatments for Doors or Large Windows

There are a variety of types of window treatments that work well when treating a door or large window. These treatments generally run in a vertical configuration allowing for maximum function for your door. 

  • Woven Wood
  • Vertical Blinds
  • Honeycomb shades
  • Drapery Panels
  • Sheer Window Shadings

Woven Woods by

Hunter Douglas  

Woven woods lend an organic look to any room. Whether your style is traditional or contemporary the weaves compliments the room. Depending upon the openness of the weave the treatment can be designed with or without a liner. The treatment to the immediate left is unlined and will cut the glare of the sun and allow you to see out. During the day your neighbors can not see in, but at night this is not private. If you would like privacy and a higher R-value for the treatment it is better to line the treatment. (please note the photo above and to the right for a lined version of the woven wood door.) The lining also allows a better view of the color and texture of the treatment during the day when you are viewing it from inside the room.

Vertiglide ™ 

by Hunter Douglas

This treatment is a honeycomb shade that moves vertically instead of the traditional

horizontal movement that most folks are accustom to. The treatment is available in both semi-opaque or opaque honeycomb fabric choices.

With the move of your hand the treatment moves-opening and closing. This cordless feature is great for child safety and pet safety.

Depending upon the configuration of the door and how it must function the honeycomb treatment's operational direction of the fabric stack is then determined. If your patio door moves to the left, leaving the right-hand side open, the Vertiglide™ should move and stack left. Or it can move right. It is also available with a split stack as shown in this local Menasha home. This fabric is a semi-opaque fabric. That means it is private, but light will filter in.

One of the great features of this treatment is how narrow the stack is. The stack is that portion of fabric that remains when the shade is fully opened. Generally as the shade's dimensions increase the fabric "stacked" increases. Regardless of the width of the treatment the stack is 6" on the Vertiglide™..

This foyer treatment (pictured both above and to the right) was a treatment that I incorporated in the window treatment designs in this home. Our goal was to allow privacy when needed, preserve heat at this north-side door; but yet not deter from the design of the door and the beveled glass. When opened fully the entire architectural features of this door as showcased. This was achieved using the Hunter Douglas Applause® honeycomb Vertiglide™

The fabric choices are many with the Hunter Douglas Vertiglide™.

  • Architella ® Collection
  • Alustra® Duette® honeycomb shades
  • Duette® honeycomb shades in a variety of fabrics and colors
  • Applause® honeycomb shades also in a variety of fabrics and colors.

As a Showcase Dealer The Blind Lady is authorized to carry all of these Hunter Douglas honeycomb fabrics.

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