The Blind Lady Custom Blinds

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Social Responsibility: Our Mission

      The Blind Lady Custom Blinds is a locally-owned small business, who chooses within the scope of our business practices to be socially-conscious. Every attempt is made to leave the planet a better place than it was the day before.

     The foundation of this company has been built upon our values, setting us apart in the marketplace, while guiding our actions. Business is conducted ethically in a socially responsible manner. We respect all laws, support universal human rights, strive to protect the environment and choose to take actions that benefit the community that we live and work in.

     This policy and our actions are fluid and will evolve as new technologies enter the marketplace. We welcome any suggestions that you may have in assisting us in fulfilling our goals to make the world a better place.

Sustainability at the local level: 

         The window treatment selected by The Blind Lady, besides being aesthetically pleasing, address a number of indoor environmental issues: heat gain management, r-factor considerations that keep your home warmer in the winter, glare control and daylighting(reducing the need for artificial light.) These factors play an essential role in conserving energy, enhancing the quality of your home’s indoor environmental; all lending themselves to the creation of an enjoyable home for your family that is sustainable, comfortable, and healthy.

A Greener Planet:

o Locally all packing supplies from your new window treatments are sorted and recycled appropriately.

o Bubble wrap is donated to a variety of businesses and non-profit stores to be reused again in their packaging.

o Manufacturers that The Blind Lady utilize either have a policy in place or have been encouraged and requested to implement a policy in place to reduce waste in their manufacturing process. 

Human Rights

           In the support of the basic human right of freedom we chose to use manufacturers that do not use slave labor in their factories. Every attempt is made to research those organizations before any new lines of window treatments are added into The Blind Lady Custom Blinds offerings. Fabrication of hard window treatments: blinds, shades and shutters is done in the United States of America at various locations throughout the country. Our drapery workroom is located in West Lafayette, Indiana, USA. 


     The Blind Lady Custom Blinds offers Hunter Douglas window fashions as the center pillar of our window treatment selections. This decision is based upon many factors: style, function, warranty, customer service, depth of product line, corporate social responsibility and green policies. As an integral part of our business we are proud to offer Hunter Douglas, the industry leader in the window treatment, as it aligns with our core values. Please see link below for further information on Hunter Douglas corporate policies: