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Change your mood. Change your shade.

Soft shades are a combination of sheer fabric and traditional materials. They allow one to see out while diffusing the light. When closed these shadings offer privacy.

These are the many variations of shadings available:

-Silhouette Window Shadings

-Pirouette Window Shadings

-Luminette Window Shading

- Zebra or Banded Shade


Window Shadings

by Hunter Douglas

Invite the outdoors in

Softly contoured fabric vanes suspended between front and rear sheer fabrics give a maximum view of the outdoors while diffusing light and offering daytime privacy. 

Save your art, flooring and furniture from the harsh damaging effects of UV rays with these shadings. When these shadings are down with the vanes open they protect your home from 88% of the UV rays. When the vanes are closed 99% of the UV rays are stopped.

Zebra Shades. Designer Banded Shades. Transitional Shades.  

Three different names for the same innovative window treatment. A contemporary solution for view-through, light control and privacy. Integrating the roller shade and sheer shading in one beautiful treatment.  

This soft shade offers you privacy when you need it. Sheer fabric diffusion of the light with a view when you demand it. Or at a moment's notice open the window to give you the view you want...full view or partial view of the outside. 

The fabric is a “stripe” of sheer, a “stripe” of fabric, a “stripe” of sheer, and so on…. Hence the name I prefer to call it: The Zebra shade. A single piece of fabric loops at the bottom to create a double layer of fabric in the windows. As the shade is lowered and raised the fabric bands transition, giving you view verses privacy. This shade offers flexibility in view and air flow when the windows are open. When you want maximum view raise the shade into a fabric-covered headrail.

The photo to the left demonstrates the variety of choices you have with banded shadings  .Moving within the window it offers you the full spectrum of viewing options.

Shade Positions:

Open: sheer fabric bands align creating soft-filtered light and a view through the sheer fabric bands.

Closed: When the fabric bands align the treatment blocks light and grants privacy.

In-between: As the shade raises, the bands are movable, offering privacy and view at a variety of openness.

Transform any room with the vertical version of the Allure Transitional Shades. The Visionaire by Lafayette Venetian Blinds is great coverage for windows or that hard-to-treat patio door.

Close off the room completely for a bit of beauty sleep.

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Allure photographs courtesy of Lafayette Interior Fashions.

Hunter Douglas Designer Banded Shades shown

Left Photo:

Three shades on one window:  note side profile showing the fabric configuration. 

Middle Photo.  Closed with vanes open

right photo:  Fully closed for privacy.