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Did you purchase your 

treatments from 

The Blind Lady?

Rest Easy.

There is NO charge 

for parts associated with your 

Hunter Douglas window treatments 

when you have purchased them from 

The Blind Lady Custom Blinds  

Let us know...

1) Which window(s) need the parts

2)What parts do you need.  

Always good to email or text a photo of the part you are looking for.

We will Contact Hunter Douglas on your behalf and the parts will be drop-shipped to you directly from the Hunter Douglas parts facility 

in Salt Lake City, Utah.

If you have purchased your window treatments from us generally speaking we will be able to acquire a part for you for your blind or shade directly from the manufacturer.  Exceptions may be that the shade or blind is so very old that the parts are not available any longer.  Occasionally when that happens sometimes we may be able to offer another suggestion to problem solve you part issue.                                        

What to do if you purchased your treatments from another retailer?


It is best to contact your retailer directly.


They should be able to order parts from the manufacturer of your treatments by looking up their records of your purchase.  If they are like us, they can call the manufacturer directly on your behalf and have the parts sent to you directly.

If you would like us to order Hunter Douglas replacement parts and did not purchase your Hunter Douglas window treatments directly from us, please contact us with the following information by email or text:

  • The original reference number 
  •  The Fabric name, color and coordinating numbers.
  • The size of the shade: both the width and length
  • Identify if it an inside or outside mount
  • The operational or control system, as well as the side the controls are on: right, left or both
  • The part(s) that you need.
  • Your contact information:  Name, Address, phone number and email address.
  • This information is located on a tag either on the top of the shade or inside the valance or cassette.

Your Costs if your original 

Hunter Douglas Treatment 

was purchased elsewhere:

  • $25 Handling fee for The Blind Lady to place the call to the manufacturer to order the parts.  This fee is non-refundable, but may be used as a credit within 30 days towards the purchase of new treatments from The Blind Lady.(You may think this fee is excessive, but we literally could be on the phone 30 to 60 minutes to achieve this parts order for you.)
  • Part and shipping cost where applicable. Most Hunter Douglas replacement parts will be sent at no charge.
  • Hunter Douglas replacement parts will be sent to you directly from Hunter Douglas via Salt Lake City, Utah.

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