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Lifting Systems

Lifting or Operational Systems are the technology that moves

your shades up and down or side to side.

There are a wide variety of systems available from treatment

to treatment with the availability of the system determined

by the width, length and square footage of the blind or shade selected.

The most popular system is the cordless system. The cordless system is available in either a motorized system or a manual lifting system. There are also a variety of popular systems: retractable controls, continuous cord loops(mounted for safety) and some treatments have the standard controls available where you pull on the cord the blind lowers or raises and the cord gets longer or shorter depending upon where the blind is left in the window.

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Motorized Cordless Systems

Motorized blinds and shades done by The Blind Lady generally are

battery-operated. The BIG advantage of the battery operation is

that you do not have to hardwire the treatment into your

house's electrical system. No electricians or drywallers are

needed to achieve motorization for your shades and blinds,

thus saving you money. The systems are easy and safe.

Manual Cordless Systems

With the movement of your hand your shades and blinds move without operational cords. (while inside the shade there may be cords they are safely tucked way inside the fabric and not exposed for maximum safety for your children and pets.) 

Applause Cordless honeycomb shade in select fabrics.

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