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Horizontal Blinds

Horizontal blinds offer the ability to direct light in the room by tilting the slats; freshening the room with air flow when the window is opened, yet while tilting just so,still offers privacy; and never forget....they look fantastic.

Wood Blinds

Contemporary or traditional wood blinds work with any style. The natural element of wood creates a visual warmth and familiar comfort that makes a house feel like home.

Venetian Blinds

 Similar in design to wood blinds, the difference is the material used to create the slats. Venetian Blinds are a 2" slat created from aluminum. They lift and tilt just like wood blinds operate, but are lighter and stack tighter when lifted to the top of the window

Operational Systems

Blinds both tilt and lift. Historically the lifting of a wood blinds was performed by lifting the blind with cords(a standard cord lock operational system). Standard Operational systems are still available, but with the advent of change, awareness of social issues and concern for child and pet safety other operational systems have been developed. Other operational systems are:

  • Cordless
  • Retractable Cords
  • Motorized Tilt

The "BIG" View

When blinds are lowered, with slats open they give an optimum view. Keep in minds if you want to lift wood blinds and leave them, the lifted the stack at the top will actually impede your view and diminish light entering into the room.

Venetian blinds have a tighter stack when lifted and will not block out as much light as the wood blinds.

"These ain't your Grandma's blinds anymore"

Sometimes aluminum blinds are associated with the "mini-blinds" of yesteryear solely because of the material they are constructed with. NO MORE! The finishes and colors available really give one many design choices.  

If you are looking for that industrial chic look this may just be your window treatment of choice. Select a hammer finish or perhaps a brushed finish for the slat. Balance that industrial feel with the organic nature of wood by going with a Natural Element Blind by Hunter Douglas. Natural Element Blinds replace the aluminum accessories by exchanging them with a wood valance, a wood bottom rail, and wood accessories.

The look is awesome. Plus you will love the dust resistant finish making this much easier than the old-fashioned blinds to keep up by repelling the dust.

Please give us a call and we can help you determine which window treatment fits your interior design and operational functionality.  

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