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Energy Efficient Window Treatments

Save you Money

Toasty Warm in the Winter.

Cool as a Cucumber in The Summer.

Maximize your energy conservation by having quality energy-conscious window treatments on your windows.  

Those beautiful large windows you put into your home expressly to capture the natural light that we all crave here in Wisconsin (especially during those long months of cold, snow and little sunshine),  let the cold in giving us the chills and causing our energy bills to climb as furnaces try to keep up with the cold.  

Then in the heat of the summer, that same sun heats up our homes, sometimes making a room unbearable with heat.  It kicks our air conditioners on... costing us money, fading our furniture, and generally making life miserable.  

Here's what we recommend to help assist you in that quandary.‚Äč

The right window treatment will cut the heat-gain in the summer 

and improve your window's R-factor in the winter.  .

  • Choose window treatments that not only have style and panache, but work double-duty by offering you properties that will aid climate-control inside your home.
  • During the cold months of winter when the sun is streaming through the window, open the window treatments to allow the solar power of the sun to warm your room.  (Just be conscious of UV damage to your furniture, flooring and art.)
  • When the sun sets in winter months close your window treatments to preserve the warmth of the heat from your furnace.  
  • On cloudy days during the winter, especially in extreme cold leave your window treatments closed.  If you are in that room, lift the window treatments during the day to enjoy your view and allow natural light into the room.  When you're done in that room, close the shades
  • In the summer months of heat as the sun moves around your home, chase the sun by closing window treatments in the room where the sun is beating down through the window.  
  • If you are not home keep the window treatments closed to preserve the cool of your air conditioning. 

We recommend these treatments....

Hunter Douglas Duette Architella Honeycomb Shades

This honeycomb shade is the most energy efficient window treatment available.  The "cell-with-in-a cell" offer three pockets of air, assisting in keeping it cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.  When the Federal Government had it's energy tax credit available this was the only window treatment that qualified for the tax credit.

Hunter Douglas Duette Architella energy efficient honeycomb  shades in the music room

Hunter Douglas 

Vignette Rolling 

Modern Roman Shade

This style shade improves on the traditional roman shade.  Gives you a great look with all the energy efficiencies.  

To maximize energy in this kitchen it would have been ideal to mount the shade at the top of the window instead of under the transom window.

Vignette_Modern_Roman_ Shades_are_energy_efficient_in_the_kitchen

Hunter Douglas Sonnet Shading

This dimensional Sonnette roller shade offers an energy efficient quotient not achievable in a traditional roller shade.

Country Chic in Black Creek Wisconsin with energy efficient Solera Shade

Hunter Douglas Solera Shading

This shade was inspired by pairing the concept of the honeycomb shade with the look of the Roman Shade.  This designs helps with energy efficiency in your home.

energy efficient Hunter Douglas Solera Shades in Appleton Wisconsin

Kudos to Hunter Douglas 

Once Again, Hunter Douglas takes the lead.

Window treatment  products independently certified on their energy efficiencies

AERC Hunter Douglas energy efficient window treatment certification