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Your Child's

Safety is my

Utmost Concern!

There are many choices when considering the safety options of your children. The number one selected upgraded option is the cordless blind or shade for child safety. Technically speaking it does have cords in many cases, but they are not accessible, the cords are located inside the blinds.

The following products are available in a cordless format:

  • Honeycomb
  • Roller shades
  • Vignette Shades
  • Silhoutte Shades
  • Woven wood roman shades
  • wood blinds
  • aluminum blinds

See the photo left. What's right and what's wrong about this photo?

What's Right?.....The cord appears to be raised high and secured for the safety of the children in this house. However, the safety of this window treatment depends upon human action every day.

What's Wrong?......This shade could have been ordered as a either a cordless shade or with a continuous cord and then mounted for safety. These two options are safe when mounted and applied correctly by a professional.

When you meet with Jane ask her about how she can assist you

in making your home a safer environment for your children and grandchildren

by using the correct window treatment options.

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