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Honeycomb  Shades
offer a wide selection of beautiful colors and textures.  Whether you are seeking "cave-dark" in the bedroom with an opaque shade designed to give you some beauty sleep or a gentle filtering of light in a semi-opaque shade, The Blind Lady has a honeycomb shade for you!
What are honeycomb shades? Honeycomb shades, also known as cellular shades, are fabric shades which when constructed are glued together creating a pocket or "honeycomb."  (The Applause shade by Hunter Douglas,  shown to the right illustrates a side profile of a honeycomb shade.)               
There are a large variety of control systems are available which greatly increase the function of these shades, making them more than a beautiful addition to your home.  The top-down bottom-up shades, as shown to the left, offer you the flexibility of either dropping the shade down from the top, allowing light to enter, but yet affording you privacy; or you may utilize this shade in the traditional manner from the bottom.
You are going to love this shade!!!  Currently one of our most popular features,  cordless shades or Literise as trademarked by Hunter Douglas is a shade which simply is moved by lifting the handle attached to the bottom rail up and down to accommodate the privacy or view that you desire.  It offers safety in the home; a nice clean look, without cords dangling down everywhere; and operates with great ease.
Energy Efficient. Did you know that up to 60% of your heat can escape through an uncovered window?
Honeycomb shades offer not only style, but are among the top-rated products for offering you the best in energy savings.  These shades give the best "r" factor for keeping the heat when its freezing outside or in the heat of summer they will keep the air cool.  Either season these shades will save you money on your utility bills!  And they are going to look great.
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Photos Courtesy of Hunter Douglas
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